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Equine-Assisted Learning Program

EAL is a powerful, professional and effective approach, proven to have a positive impact on individuals of all ages.

How? By including horses in specially designed experiential learning exercises, equine-assisted specialists are able to observe non-verbal communication of the horses and be a translator as well as a guide to encourage the learner to attain the outcome of each exercise.  This hands-on approach to learning has been researched and has proven to greatly multiply the participants' retention and understanding of skills learned.

Where horses do the teaching...

Horses, Horses, More Horses!

Youth Development Program

"Youth Development Program" consists of a curriculum that drives objectives to outcomes. Each exercise or session is designed in a Building Block style, meant to focus on one objective at a time.  The curriculum is client-orientated, using horses as barometers, and facilitators as guides to encourage self-examination.  The individual evaluation revolves around:

  • The holistic nature of the horse,

  • Objectively driven curriculum,

  • Combined with facilitation,

  • Experiential learning,

  • Partnering with the community, social and educational resources.

"The Formula for Success"

This 12-week curriculum focuses on communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, leadership, how to adapt to find success, teamwork, and healthy relationship building to name just a few.  The individual assessment comes from not only the facilitators but the horses as well.

This is a non-riding program. 

No riding or horse experience necessary.

BuildingBlock 12 Exercise Curriculum

  • 1. Starting the Journey

  • 2. Circuit Training

  • 3. At The End of Your Rope

  • 4. Match That Horse

  • 5. Common Sense

  • 6. Silent Communication

  • 7. Blindman's Adventure

  • 8. Catch That Horse

  • 9. Who's The Brain

  • 10. It's All Up To You

  • 11. Build With Confidence

  • 12. Horse In The Pocket

Evaluation of abilities, horse handling skills, addressing safety issues.

Relationship development, developing communication skills, common sense, negotiation and appropriate assertiveness.

Finding change, making choices, working together, behavioural modification.

Oh, these two! Steady Teddy you are a ro

Participants will Develop

  • life skills while using horses

  • self -awareness and self-esteem

  • confidence

  • trust and respect

  • communication skills

  • teamwork and listening skills

  • choice-making and goal-setting skills

  • responsibility

  • problem-solving skills

  • appropriate assertiveness

  • leadership skills

  • learn to read body language

  • negotiation skills

  • success over obstacles

  • appreciation of others

We offer.....
Teambuilding and Leadership Sessions custom designed for an afternoon, a full day or a 2-day program.

School Programs usually run 8 to 12 weeks at one hour per week. 

First Nation Programs for adults and children.

Foster Care and Social Services Programs that are custom designed to suit your needs. Please contact us for more details.

At FEHR the goal is to offer each participant the opportunity to work with, love, care for and learn from horses......a dream come true for most!

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