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My Horse My Partner

Throughout history, the horse has been a crucial part of survival and evolution of humankind. From the era of which man ate horsemeat, to the time where horses assisted soldiers in war. Horses have evolved too. The very first horse was called Eohippus and was about the size of a dog. It took about 50 million years for horses to form into modern day horses we have now. Equines were also a huge part of transportation before cars and planes. A horse could carry 33% of their body weight, but pulling a wagon, they could carry almost 10x their weight! In WW1, over 8 million horses died carrying ammunition and heavy weapons; however, they also died fighting for their country because horses played a huge part in the war. Now horses, donkeys, and mules are used for pleasure riding or competition like barrel racing, jumping or heavy horse pulling. I use my registered quarter horse for pleasure and would like to get into competition someday. Knowing that it has taken 50 million years to perfect my horse gives me goosebumps. It is such an honor to partnership with such an amazing species. The sky is the limit on what we can do on and off the horse.

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