Boys Camp

July 12th to 14th 2019

3 days & 2 nights

For the Camper -

What's better than spending your summer in the great outdoors...nothing! This is an overnight camp, with like minded youth.  Some of the things we will do - hiking, swimming, fishing, horse games, woodworking, archery, campfires, riflery, arts & crafts, campfire cooking, stable/barn care, team activities, and trail events.

For the Parent/Guardian - 

Camp #2 is aimed towards youth over 8yrs of age. They can expect to learn:

  • Safety on the ground and in the saddle - emergency stop and dismount.

  • Beginner groundwork - how to lead, lunge and why we lunge.

  • Basic riding skills - mounting, going forward, stopping, turning, backup, leg & feet positions, independent seat.

  • Know where your horse's feet are and how to control them at all times.

  • Confidence building





More Camp Information

All camps will have special guests, certified coaches & instructors.

Camp sizes are limited, allows for more one on one interactions.

All camp meals are provided.

Accommodations will consist of traditional cowboy wall tents. 

The cost to bring your own horse $20/day - includes barn stall. You provide feed.

The cost to use one of our horses $60/day - includes feed.

Please find in the drop-down menu - printable camper registration, camper questionnaire, camper gear list (available soon), and a printable certificate for the ultimate Christmas present.​

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