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Boys Camp

Dates to be decided upon interest - Please contact us to put your name on the list.

Kids camps are in full swing right now a

2022 dates TBD

3 days 


For the Camper -

What's better than spending your summer in the great

outdoors...nothing! This is a day camp, with like-minded

youth. Some of the things we will do - hiking, swimming, fishing,

horse games, woodworking, archery, campfires, riflery, arts & crafts, campfire cooking, stable/barn care, team activities, and trail events.


For the Parent/Guardian - 

Camp is aimed towards youth over 8yrs of age. They can expect to learn:

  • Safety on the ground and in the saddle - emergency stop and dismount.

  • Beginner groundwork - how to lead, lunge and why we lunge.

  • Basic riding skills - mounting, going forward, stopping, turning, backup, leg & feet positions, independent seat.

  • Know where your horse's feet are and how to control them at all times.

  • Confidence building

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